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"Family the center of life's meaning."


The Peak Package

The Peak package is a family session. This package comes with:

25 fully edited, high-resolution digital images on a downloadable gallery

This package includes up to 5 immediate family members only

Some travel locations are included, such as Tahoe and Donner Lake

Additional fees will be applied for:

-Larger families of 5 and over

-Extended family members


The Sparrow Package

The Sparrow Package is a family session. This package comes with:

15 fully edited, high-resolution digital images on a downloadable gallery

Includes up to 5 Immediate family members only

This is a local location package only

Additional fees will be applied for:

-Larger families of 5 and over


*Can not be used for extended family sessions​



Family Photography - Booking process

I do recommend booking your family session at least 8-10weeks in advance.

​Family Photography - Preparing for your session

Try to coordinate outfits without looking overly “matchy”. Avoid wearing same colors and instead, find a color palette you love and piece together items from that palette that are complementary to one another. Ditch logos, loud patterns, and shirts with large graphics.

Try to have only one pattern outfit for every three people for family shoots. Then dress everyone else with color coordinating looks.

For the ladies

It is important to wear what you feel comfortable in but it is also important to look and feel your best! If you get all dolled up to attend a wedding, then you should do the same for your photos. Dresses are 100% flattering on all women of all shapes and sizes. Rock that dress girl! Maxi skirts or nice jeans with a fitted top are an alternate route.

Layers are fantastic for boys and for girls, add in the layers (jackets, vest, leggings or tights) accessorize with (hats, scarves necktie or booties, and headbands) to give your children's outfits that stylized look.

Stay away from character themed tennis shoes, shoes with bulky soles, or any shoe that takes away from the child and outfit. Solid color shoes and boots are always the best.

Do not forget

-baby wipes

-hair brush

-touch up makeup

-iron your clothes

-hair accessories in case of a windy day

-As for the kids please make sure noses are clean and teeth are freshly brushed. No snacks on the way like, Cheeto puffs, red or blue candy/juices or anything else that will stain their teeth and mouth.


-Match your makeup to your skin tone to avoid looking to orange or your face a different color then your neck

-A well-rested family is a happy family

-Avoid getting sunburned before your session


 What to wear:

-Soft, deep, and/ or neutral colors

-Twirl dresses for girls

-Khaki pants /jeans for boys

-Patterns that are not overwhelming

-Shoes that blend

-Accessorize to finish the look






0000 sneak6.jpg

At your session-

I love photographing the love and connection each family shares. Every member of your family has a unique personality that creates a sort of magic that only exists when you are all together having a good time.

My favorite family photos always end up being the ones that were created on days when we were having fun together. Those are he memories I want to create for you. I keep my family sessions fast-paced and light-hearted to turn your photo session into a fun experience for everyone to enjoy.

In between posed family shots, we will have fun playing tag, having tickle fights, heck even making weird sounds to make your kids and husbands laugh!

My focus during your session is to capture the moments of your family having fun together and to capture the true essence of your children.

0000 sneak1.jpg

Proofing Gallery - You will receive a soft proofing gallery from me to select your images! That's correct, here at Captured Moments by Regina I allow my clients select their favorite images. I will then pull those images and start the final editing process.

​All our packages come with a downloadable online gallery. These are high resolution images and must be downloaded to a computer. If you don't have access to a computer you may purchase a usb directly through me. You will also receive an emailed print release, unlimited downloads of your final images for family and friends within the 10 days. Additional images are also available for purchase with any package.

Family photography - After your session

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